Cybersecurity for Small Businesses : Cyber Hygiene

A word cloud about cybersecurity. For example: software infrastructure malware internet logs public

Cyber-crime is a growing concern for businesses of every size, but especially for small businesses. This is because small businesses have information attackers want, but often don't have the security infrastructure to defend against or respond to incidents. According to the FBI Internet Crime report, the cost of cyber-crime was $2.7 Billion dollars in 2018, with Business Email Compromise (BEC) incurring the highest costs.

Spinning Up Your First Virtual Machine

Virtual machines, emulations of computers, are an amazing learning tool. If you have a single computer and want to learn about computer networking, web application pen-testing, or try a new Linux distro, virtual machines are your very best friend. By setting up one or more servers as virtual machines you can experiment with quite a… Continue reading Spinning Up Your First Virtual Machine